So this week, I moved house. At the time, I had a boyfriend. Who quickly got canned when he didn't help with the lifting of the boxes from one flat to another. FYI boys, this is one of the few reasons we tolerate men. When things need moving, that's where you step in. That, and paying for stuff.

So, aside from using my other useful contacts to assist with my lifting needs, I did what any sensible girl would do and lifted some stuff myself.

Now, I have a lot of clothes. And furniture. That's the reason I'm renting not buying. I spent all the cash on outfits and upholstered chairs that I never sit on because I'm out having drinks. So this crap is heavy.

How on earth does a fragile young woman lift such important Givenchy outfits and too many pairs of shoes? Or all the useless crap in my kitchen that I've never used? (Ta mum).



The key to not screwing up your back when lifting is the alignment. Our optimal spinal alignment we call 'neutral.' This is most important in the pelvis. To maintain a neutral pelvis we need a strong transverse abdominus (that's 'core' to you underachievers) and strong gluteus medius (ass muscles - but the really deep ones).


Lying on your side with your knees bent, and your hand on your top hip. Keep the underneath waist away from the floor. Open and close the top knee by squeezing your butt and drawing your navel towards your spine. Your lower back should remain elongated and the quadratus lumborum (low back muscles) switched off. Repeat until you feel your tush getting smaller and higher.

Transverse Abdominus:

Lying on your back with your legs in the air and knees bent at right angles.  Your low back MUST be imprinted into the floor. Slowly step your R foot towards the floor, keeping your navel on your spine and your low back imprinted. Float the leg up again and repeat L. As you do these leg dips, feel your lower abdominal wall drawing up and in towards the back of your waist.

Now as we stand up, if we engage both of these muscles together, we achieve a strong, neutral pelvis, and, like me, can move house sans boyfriend. 

You're welcome. 

If you've just dumped your boyfriend and need to be physically stronger, contact me here...


Thanks to to the lovely boys at for helping move in the end.