The last week has been spent walking barefoot in the sand, drinking Moët and walking in 6 inch heels. To clarify - not all at the same time. Oh, and missing long haul flights to return to the UK BECAUSE of the Moët drinking shenanigans.

Things I learnt this week: life is about balance. And exercising control. Whether that's the kind of balance needed to stay standing in aforementioned heels after a whole pile of cocktails, or the control needed to not order that many drinks in the first place. 

The result of a lack of control I mention in the latter form is astounding:

Virgin Atlantic bill for a whole new flight: $1500 (yep - in economy - refer back to last weeks blog on exeriencing the wonders of the back of the plane);

Driver I had pre-organised to collect me from the airport remained at Heathrow for THREE HOURS before realising I was most likely not coming home;

Demolishing the following days plans in the UK for my birthday (cue a whole day of arguing with disappointed Rhiann fans who pointed out it was a little stupid just to 'not get on the plane.') I note that "I got pre-excited in Miami" is not a valid excuse for not showing up to your own birthday.

Life lesson learnt. I have zero control when it comes to having fun and prioritising anything else above, well, having more fun. In future, I need to exercise a more balanced approach to life. Like have less cocktails and think more with my brain. Maybe.

Standing upright while out on the lash isn't as hard as you think

Standing upright while out on the lash isn't as hard as you think

Balance is not luck, it's strength. I'm now talking in the physical form. A bunch of muscles are responsible for holding us upright and keeping us stable. We call these 'stabiliser' muscles; most notably, transverse abdominus, multifidus, erectae spinae. Without these we'd just be a heap of skeleton on the floor. Sort of.

Improving balance can be achieved by creating instability. The smaller the surface area we are standing on, the more control needed to stay upright, ie, standing on one foot, or on the balls of the feet. Try brushing your teeth standing on one leg, like a flamingo. You mustn't put the other foot down at ALL. It's actually tougher than you think. 

Another key area to improve balance is the lower leg muscles. When we strengthen the calf muscles, we achieve greater stability through the ankle joint AND don't have legs that look like small trees. To develop the calf muscles, stand on the edge of a step (bottom of the stairs, not the top for the less risk averse amongst you), and drop the heels over the edge of the step. Press the ankle bones together and straighten your knees. Rise up and down onto the balls of the feet. Repeat as many times as you can, making sure the quadriceps are absolutely engaged. If the quads relax, you simply make your thighs bigger and your calves get a mini break. Score. 

So there you have it. Ways to get sexy looking legs and how to not fall over.

If you need to improve your balance, contact me here. I CANNOT help with tardiness, alcoholism or impulse control issues.