You may be feeling a little lost without last weeks instalment of my nuggets of wisdom. Apologies BalletFit fans. I was balls deep in car accidents, boy break ups and Wimbledon. And I broke my MacBook. 

Lets start at the beginning. As I sailed into the back of a 4x4 in Primrose Hill (and no Mother, I wasn't on the phone), Max shooting into the footwell with that knowing look on his face, (Really, again?!) and a dramatically extensive period of time at the side of the road looking vulnerable, fragile and pale for maximum "I've been in an accident" effect; I turn back and see my car and the reality of hitting a Chelsea Tractor - you slide under it. Car a write off for sure. Some of the more supportive comments were: "At least the damage is symmetrical," and "What a great number plate!" (Funnily enough, it looks better when it's not hanging off the side of the car dragging along the floor). Luckily, I was unhurt, except for the deep nausea which set in when a Ford Fiesta was delivered as a courtesy car. 

Naturally, I broke up with the man I was seeing at the time when he didn't immediately come running to be my side and assist with replacing the Ford Fiesta with, let's say, a Maserati. I lucked out when a friend donated his car for a week on the grounds of "I can't have people mistaking you for poor folk." Indeed.

Thank goodness then for the plethora of ex boyfriends and their Wimbledon tickets. By Monday I was swanning around Centre Court with a mini bottle of Lanson dressed in a tennis jacket (the Lanson - not me). I was sporting a child-size Wimbledon souvenir baseball cap like a true tennis novice. Apparently when your brain takes up as little space as mine, you can save the VAT on your headgear by shopping in the children's department. Advantage Rhi.

Tiny champagne in a jacket well worth the 40 quid price tag

Tiny champagne in a jacket well worth the 40 quid price tag


I was lucky enough to see both Djokovic and Federer that day. Watching the matches up close gave me a better insight into what these boys need to maximise their power within their game. Thoracic rotation combined with pelvic stability are the two vital components here. One must stabilise the hips and legs whilst simultaneously rotating through the thoracic spine (rib cage area) and following through with the arm stroke. 

The best exercise to combine these two elements is called "The Saw." 

Sitting with your legs hip width apart, or wider if you can manage. Arms are held out to the side at shoulder level. Shoulders are pressed down and back and the spine straight. Rotate the spine to the R, keeping the arms held in the shoulder sockets. Now cross the L arm forwards and lean forwards over the R leg, anchoring the arm to the outside of the R leg. The R arm should be behind you. Sit back again, keeping the L arm forwards and the R arm back. See if you can deepen the rotation through the spine, and keep the pelvis planted firmly into the floor. Return to centre, keeping the arms held. Repeat on the other side. Repeat as many times as you like, focusing on deepening the movement through the spine each time; both in rotation and flexion over the leg. 

There you go guys, improved spinal mobility right there.  

If you've had a sucky week, and need to up your game, you can contact me here