Well here it is. That wonderful time of year where you all eat yourselves stupid and sit on your asses balancing a tin of Quality Street and the remote on your belly for so long that your back gives out the next time you stand up. That special time of year where I can sit here rubbing my hands in glee, seeing the pound signs rolling in come January thanks to you schmucks messing it all up in December. So thank you to you all for your continued loyalty/stupidity.



My gift to you this year is Instagram. No, I haven’t bought it and made you all shareholders. I mean BalletFit is now on instagram.


This means wherever you are in the world, no matter what time it is,  you’ll have 24/7 access to fabulous exercises by me to keep your fabulousness at maximum capacity. It’s also punctuated with Maxwell, my dachshund, to make it more palatable.


The main journey in 2018 will be working with the wonderful Ms Torman, who has challenged me to get her up in pointe shoes by the end of the year. It will be a 12 month long display of strength over skinny. I will prove to the world that we can achieve anything when we are strong. And rich. But I can’t help you with the latter. Follow it all on Instagram @RK_BalletFit.


So, eat, drink and be silly. I certainly will. I also can’t wait to see how many followers I have in January (once again - @RK_BalletFit. Sort it out). 


If you want to have a year year full of InstaRhi, follow me instagram.com/rk_balletfit.