"So where has my weekly dose of comedy fitness nuggets gone?" I hear you cry. Well, good question. The honest answer is, well, it's actually really shameful. I had a boyfriend for a while. Yeah, those really rotten periods of your life which punctuate your usualy efficient schedule of drinking, socialising and doing loads of work, and replace that instead with eating loads of take aways, sitting down on lots of soft furnishings, watching war documentaries that you pretend to be interested in to appear more intelligent than you actually are and, ultimately, watching your own ass sag before your very eyes. 

So, embarrassingly, I traded looking hot for looking emotionally stable (the jury were not convinced, and, frankly nor am I). And my arse deflated. Now, this doesn't sound like a big deal. Except, my bum has always been my THING. Who cares if your face looks like an arse if your arse is perky and high? When you bum isn't behind your knees, you are winning. 

So, like any sensible girl, I dumped the boyfriend and started focusing on the important stuff. Earning loads more money (hello more blogs) and raising the profile of my bottom.  

It's important to mention at this point that your diet may well influence the peachiness of your derrière.  Not everyone can exist solely on McNuggets share boxes and expect not to be obese. If you are obese, go lose weight then come back to the following exercise. You know who you are fatties. 


Squats for a more excellent quality behind:

Stand with you feet hip width apart. Squeeze your bum gently already. Bend the knees, taking your bottom BEHIND your heels (think of keeping the knees above the ankle joints) and also bringing the weight towards the outside edge of the foot, so the knee tracks slightly outwards. Go as low as you can. Straighten the knees again swiftly.  

We have all done squats. We have all seen how sometimes your bum stays the same size. Why? Well, the position of the pelvis dictates whether the gluts fire efficiently. So, to ensure the buttocks are engaged, think of tilting your pelvis slightly underneath you, by sucking your stomach in and squeezing the bum gently. Maintain that pelvic contraction for the duration of your squats.  

Et voila. Instant accentuated behind.  

If, like me, you are in a relationship and you shouldn't be, contact me here.