A study of 1400 human brain MRI's showed that we can't assign gender to the organ itself. Only 8% of brains in the study could be defined as "male" or "female." The study compared a number of variables including personality traits, relationships, activities and attitudes. This tells us then that what makes us 'us', whether it be male, female, religious or gay etc. is a lot more than entrails (and your penises boys). 

I'm not one for organised celebration of someone's existence based on the box we've neatly filed them into (Father's Day? No thanks. I tell my Dad all the time how grateful I am for the ATM services. Valentine's Day? Jog on. Don't even get me started on that horse crap). We've just had International Women's Day, and Mothers Day is upon us this weekend. We should be validating the living s**t out of each other daily, not ramming it into one annual outpouring of Facebook love for each other. Supporting women is really important right now because 1) there's a sexist turd running the US of A and 2) I am now single, so men are a bit like houseplants: nice to look at, but irrelevant.

I'm lucky enough to have two mums. My actual mum (who bears the brunt of The Rhiann Show), and my lovely step mum, who joyfully reads these weekly blogs simultaneously thanking god we don't share the same gene pool. I have client mums, who either did or didn't get mugged off by men and hold down the fort with a megajob and some clever Excel spreadsheets for after school activities. I also know Jewish mums, who feed me at every opportunity and give the numbers of the top doctors every time I sneeze. Then there's career mom, who devotes her life to the wellbeing of others (and has to defend herself? Get out. We'd all jack work in if someone rich enough were willing to marry us. And let us). Then there's my favourite group of all - the non moms, who are very, very clever (and richer). Or like me, the idea of propagating my genes is too terrifying. I don't want to face bringing up a MiniRhi. The world doesn't need that.


So what sort of exercise do these Wonder Women need? Well, anything will do. We're so busy combining breaking the glass ceiling without looking like the ceiling caved in on us that whatever fits into our schedule will do nicely, thanks. A good bit of planking is a great multitasking exercise.


Get on all fours. Take one leg at a time into press up position. Get your weight well forward over your hands (if your wrists hurt I don't care). Make a pelvic tilt by sucking your stomach in and squeezing your bum. Lock your knees. Draw your shoulders back and think of opening your chest. Hold for 30 seconds, and relax for 10 seconds. On the next round, release one foot from the floor. Then repeat with the other leg. At the end of it all, rest your bottom back on your heels and reward yourself with a glass of Chianti. After all, you just worked your abs, gluts, pecs, triceps, rhomboids and lats in under five minutes. A bloke needs five nights in the gym to achieve that.

So boys, dig deep and contact me here to buy the woman you love (mother or not) a session with me. If it's a bloke buying for his goddess I'm offering 25% off until the end of March. You're welcome.