Happy belated 2018. I’ve deliberately left a couple of weeks for the inevitable ‘New Year New You BS’ to fall by the wayside as you crash off the wagon spectacularly with a bottle of Beaujolais in one hand and a cheeseburger in the other. The smug minority that this doesn’t apply to, well. Dry January? Are you kidding me? Damp January would be less miserable surely? Or, choose a shorter month, like February.

Personally, since my addiction to beige food shows no signs of subsiding, I’ve chosen to purge other bad habits from my life. Namely people. Someone very wise once said to me: “Rhiann, if you spent as much time on your business as you do chasing boys, your company would be the first pilates studio on the Fortune 500.” She was right. Since culling several members of the lesser sex from my life (Facebook), I’ve gained three new clients and employed two members of staff. Funny that. Since I need a new car this year, and I’ve got my eyes on the delicious Alfa 4C, this new LBMW (Less Boys More Work) attitude is the way forwards. Either that or I marry rich.


I believe if you want to build on something, you start from the ground up. Anatomically speaking, that’s your feet. If you caught the Xmas edition of the Rhiann Show, you’ll know that @RK_balletfit is where it’s at on Instagram for daily exercises. It’s also where the lovely Stacey is being coached on how to get onto pointe before the end of the year. Hence a lot of foot exercises. Lower limb exercise doesn’t just apply to ballerinas. It’s for all of us. Most back problems I see come from lower leg pathologies that have gone untreated.


The best way to strengthen ankle and calf muscles is by rising up onto your toes. Not just any old way though: with your legs and feet pressed together, butt squeezed, inner thighs pulled in and knees locked tight. Then you rise up onto the balls of the feet as high as you can. Repeat as many times as you can until your cankles start to shrink.


For videos of the above, follow @RK_BalletFit on Instagram. If your cankles have gotten out of control and you think I can help, contact me here.