My business, my life even, is mostly about isolating muscles, rehabbing them, toning them to look super hot.... but where does this girl get her cardio from? I hear you cry. Well, like any other busy girl about town with loads of wine drinking to do, I have to find ways of fitting it in wherever I can. So I made a shortlist of heart-raisers for you:


Shopping is my main source of cardio. Handing over a credit card for a Givenchy jumpsuit that costs more than your rent is a guaranteed heart racer. Online shopping will soon be the main cause of heart failure in the UK. Nobody's BPM increases sat on the settee scanning bargains on ASOS. The true test of heart strength is wondering if your bank will actually decline your card at any point during a shopping bender. Lastly, as a fan of "friends with benefits," it's important I don't look like a friend ON benefits. So overspending is essential in my case.

Fast Cars (also buying them)

See point (1) re purchasing cars. Secondary to this is what you can get away with in a car too fast for any normal road. Some see traffic lights as the law. I see them more as a guideline. Green = go. Amber = go. Red = go on, three more cars then. This textbook Rhi scenario was proven beautifully last week when giving my friend a lift home. As she watched me sail through a red light (I would of course argue amber), and the camera flashed, she simply sat there and said "I always wondered how that happens. But it's just you do actually ignore the rules don't you?" Yes Kim, yes I do. Another adrenaline fuelled heart pumper right there.


Marathon du Medoc

Now this is unexplored territory. Two of my very adventurous (and trusting) clients have agreed to enter the Marathon du Medoc with me in September. It is a marathon pub crawl between vineyards. They feed you a pasta feast the night before, accompanied by vat of wine, before sending you off with a clanging hangover to drink 26 miles of wine in under 6 hours. Tres bon. Clearly I won't be commanding sponsorship money for an organised pub crawl. But I will report back the results of a galactic hangover on my cardiac health.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Ah this one is an actual form of medical treatment. As of end of April, thanks to the lovely peeps at University College Hospital, I will be officially qualified in Cardiac Rehab and licensed to treat heart attack patients. I promise it won't involve being a passenger in my new Scirocco R, or using your AMEX to buy my next holiday.

If its before April 27th and you want to go shopping, contact me here. If it's after April 27th and you don't want another heart attack, contact me here.