Remember that campaign years ago on London Underground, with the hot woman in the yellow bikini, stating "I am beach body ready. ARE YOU?" The one where we all thought, yeah, she looks smokin'. Until all the TurboPigs came out with their skinny bashing, saying how unfair it was to suggest 'beach body ready' was anything other than putting on a Primark swimsuit and shaving your legs. No b**ches, no-one wants to see the chafing between your inner thighs or the salad dodging midriff. Sort it out. If for no other reason than to save my eyeballs on the beach. If you're offended by this, then you're probably fat and should be upset. Which is why I'm here to help. Enter my summer bootcamp. You're welcome.


Along with the super hot Tamir (ladies if you're contemplating an affair but the divorce settlement won't keep you in the shoes you're accustomed to, Tamir is the eye candy you're missing in life); we are offering a twice weekly bootcamp of personal training and pilates over the summer weeks.


Deets as follows:

Mondays 1745-1845 Weight Training/Cardio

Thursdays 1800-1900 Dynamic Pilates

Weeks 1-4   25/6/18 - 19/7/18

Weeks 5-8   6/8/18 - 30/8/18

Regents Park

£195 for 4 week course, £300 for both courses.

Email to book (only 6 places per course I'm afraid so step on it).


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