They say a problem shared is a problem halved. I don’t like sharing. Because it means I have less than I started with and I like to have lots of everything. Shoes. Puppies. Snacks. Cars. Shoes.... (I’m saving my ankles from a lifetime of boredom here).

What we could all do with having less of, however, is aches and pains. And fat. So I’ve decided to be *totally selfless* and share my services with you AND your friends. For HALF THE PRICE.

For one week only, if you share your secret weapon (me), with your friends and refer them to me, I will give them a 30min complimentary session (30mins is all it takes to fall in love with me. Or kill me. Promise). If they sign up for a block of sessions, your next block is HALF PRICE. FIFTY PER CENT CHEAPER. SIX HUNDRED QUID TO SPEND ON MORE SHOES.


If any of you don’t talk about me to everyone you meet in the next week, I will reconsider our relationship entirely. And probably still work for you cos I always need the money.

If you’re in need of half price blocks and friends who think you’re awesome for having BalletFit’s following in home services:

Clinical Pilates

Cardiac Rehab

Clinical Massage




then contact me here.


This offer IS NOT the never ending DFS sale. So your referral offer ends 29/3/19. Your mate needs to sign up for 20 sessions @£1250, you get your block for £625. Win/win. For you.