Sometimes, the thoughts in my head get so bored, they stroll right out of my mouth. Like when I write to you each week.

Maxwell, le chien saucisse, is a very tolerant audience. He’s the perfect man really. All cute face and no back chat. I ONCE caught him talking back to Alexa, my sinister little robotic home help. I switched her off immediately, the little bitch.


A few weeks ago, a company called Your London Legacy approached me to do a podcast. Their strap line is “London’s timeless personalities.” I wouldn’t say I was timeless. I’d say there’s been loads of people like me over time. Just with a lot less to say. And a less finely-sculpted arse.

My interview lasted 48 minutes. Who knew I could talk for 48 minutes straight without using words such as ‘f**k’, ‘ass clown’ or ‘tw*t’?

Anyhow, I’m now out there, not just in print, but in a *podcast all of my own*. A delectable feast for your senses; your earballs filled with BalletFit wisdom.

And yes, you will listen. It’s Easter/Pesach. How else are you going to avoid spending meaningful time with your family?

Anyone who shares this link on social media (and proves it - this ain’t my first rodeo), gets a free session from your truly.

Happy fucken Holidays all.

BalletFit x