This week, it’s mental health awareness week. Given the brain is the Mothership, it’s quite shocking we don’t give it as much attention as the rest of our body. If the Mothership fails, we are just a walking sack of human disappointment really. You could have a smokin’ hot body and a brain composed of too many thoughts and shmush, and just be a walking Barbie doll. All t*ts and no function. Think Britney circa 2008.


BalletFit has had personal experiences of an eating disorder (anorexia - the hardcore stuff); and addiction (and no, it wasn’t meth). This tells us that even the *most perfect* of the species can be affected.


No-one is immune to mental illness. And I love that. It’s a great leveller. I once dated an Oxford educated doctor, who was an absolute ass-clown when it came to mental illness; he asserted (nasally, of course, they teach you that at Oxbridge), that it was self inflicted and victim-ey. So imagine my delight when I saw him with crippling anxiety; you know, the kind your £50k a year education can’t prevent.


Back in the day when I had a bit of compassion for poor people, I used to run group classes. I found out recently that Claire, a lady from my class, committed suicide 7 months after having her first son. A good friend of Claire’s told me she came to my classes, and others, to keep her bipolar in check. Having physical control of your body is a magnificent tool for your brain’s wellbeing.


So, on Saturday 29th June, BalletFit is joining up with Ride and Raise, for a 6hr spinathon in aid of Free Space Project Mental Health Program. BalletFit is of course not spinning. She’d rather chew her own arm off. BalletFit is doing all important stretching in between spins for anyone who decides to sign up.


If you want to prevent imminent insanity, sign up for your Ride and Raise spinathon spot here and get some free BalletFit action thrown in.


There’s only one way to sign off this week:

Claire, this is dedicated to you and your memory. Wherever you are, keep dancing. We’re all dancing with you.