As many of you will be aware, my stress levels reached all new heights this week with an estate agent, we'll call them Parsh and Marsons; and a little man who works there. We'll call him Hubert.

After holding £900 to ransom and not producing a flat for me to live in, I am almost 5 days being a lot poorer, and a lot angrier.

"How on earth do you cope surrounded by such morons?" I hear you ask.

Well, it's been tough, but the answer is stretching.

Stress and anxiety manifest physically in the upper chest and shoulders. Deep breaths are always a good start for release, but what can we do further when someone like an estate agent has mugged you off?

Stretching the pectoral muscles stops the shoulders from elevating and pivoting forwards. 

Find the corner of a room, where the two walls meet (no, I'm not going to bang my head against said wall, although I do feel like it after chatting with Hubert). 

Face the corner, extend your arms sideways and bend your elbows at right angles, pressing the forearms into either wall. Squeeze your butt and pull your stomach in before leaning forwards through your arms until you feel a stretch across your chest. Hold for 30 seconds and release. 

You can repeat as many times as you like. Great after you've been sitting at your desk for a long period of time.

Should you also be suffering from a bad case of estate agents and need further physical help, contact me here.