"Text Neck" is an increasing postural phenomenon amid the rise of smart phones. Think Quasimodo in the long term.

The more we incline our head forwards to look at our messages and emails, the greater the pressure on the neck. In time, this leads to degeneration of the cervical spine and even surgery.

The greater the flexion of the neck, the pressure increases incrementally. At a 60 degree angle, the pressure is equal to 60lb, or an eight year old child hanging onto the back of your head. 


What's our solution?

Well, smart phones aren't going anywhere (I'm writing this very blog on my trusty iPhone). So, here I am to let you all know how to counteract "Text Neck." 

The muscles at the back of the neck are getting tighter and shorter. We need to loosen them. Not in a gym, let's not be silly. Don't even wanna get changed? Don't blame you. Fine. Stand against the wall, back flat to the wall and heels touching the wall. Slide your skull up along the wall until you have a double chin (sexy, I know - maybe one to do alone?) Hold this position for 30 seconds, thinking of closing the gap between the back of the neck and the wall, then release. 

We are opening the cervical vertebrae (stopping the bones from gumming up) and in turn allowing the muscles to lengthen.

Once you've repeated this exercise a few times, try not to revert back to your troll-like posture at your desk.

Or if you insist on sitting like a hobbit, contact me here for more info on further exercises....